after the exhibition

cartoon from the local newspaper gorenjski glas. roughly translates: “well, where are all bananas?!” – “ate them … while you were at banana sticker exhibition.”



exhibition on thursday turned out great. the place was full, prints were great. in one word: super! i would like to thank everybody that came to the opening, special thanks goes to layer house team. and i would like to thank derby bananas for kindly donating 10 kg of bananas for the exhibition :)

upcoming exhibition

i am happy to inform you that my first banana sticker exhibition is opening at mahlerca gallery at layer house in kranj next thursday ( august 17th 2017) at 8pm. wellcome!

a treasure

designer colleague miha contacted me recently about some stickers he found stuck on his grandmothers old refridgerator. it was an incredible find, 15 marvelous oldies, a real treasure! time surely didn’t go easy on them, some are sun bleached, but they are super great anyway. thanks miha.

first additions in 2017

a bit late, but nevertheless. some really nice stickers friend matej brought from his trip to mexico and some from dear friend mitja, polja, krištof and others.



bananas in news

an article about my collection has been issued today in daily newspaper slovenske novice! check it out

… new year

i know i am a bit late, but never the less … some say it is never too late. happy new year 2017 to you all!

december update

it really has been a while … 22 new stickers and some more coming next week. big thanks to krištof, polja & miha, matej and everyone else again!

from westcliff-on-sea

a letter from england was waiting for me in my mailbox last week. at first i thought what could it be? it soon became clear to me as i noticed a lovely red banana sticker on the bottom of the envelope. letter came from mr. christopher crawcour from westcliff-on-sea, essex, a renowned english collector.

envelope included a nice letter and most importantly a package of marvelous stickers for me to choose from. i found 17 new stickers for my collection. mr. christopher thank you very very much.