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2021 update

I admit. I neglected my banana sticker collection recently and this website also. New stickers were piling up, at the same time the website was falling apart. The website is about to get an overhaul soon and I finally found some time and (more importantly) motivation to go through new stickers and now the collection is counting over 2000 (actually over 2300 and still some work to do). Let’s go!

After a long time …

It has been over a year now since I updated this page … a lot has happened meanwhile. My collection is slowly but steadily growing (managed to process 1813 labels so far), I had an interview about my collection at our national radio https://val202.rtvslo.si/2020/01/liki-jernej-kejzar/ – the most pleasant experience 🙂 and corona surprised us all. Although we can spend more time with our hobbies now I hope times get better soon and wish everyone good health and peace.

trading with žan and klement


another post after a long time… a collection of stickers i got at a meeting with fellow slovenian collectors žan trošt and klement čepon at my exhibition in july 2017. i wish we had more opportunities like that to meet and trade and talk about our hobby.

after the exhibition

cartoon from the local newspaper gorenjski glas. roughly translates: “well, where are all bananas?!” – “ate them … while you were at banana sticker exhibition.”



exhibition on thursday turned out great. the place was full, prints were great. in one word: super! i would like to thank everybody that came to the opening, special thanks goes to layer house team. and i would like to thank derby bananas for kindly donating 10 kg of bananas for the exhibition 🙂

upcoming exhibition

i am happy to inform you that my first banana sticker exhibition is opening at mahlerca gallery at layer house in kranj next thursday ( august 17th 2017) at 8pm. wellcome!