bananas in news

an article about my collection has been issued today in daily newspaper slovenske novice! check it out

… new year

i know i am a bit late, but never the less … some say it is never too late. happy new year 2017 to you all!

december update

it really has been a while … 22 new stickers and some more coming next week. big thanks to krištof, polja & miha, matej and everyone else again!

from westcliff-on-sea

a letter from england was waiting for me in my mailbox last week. at first i thought what could it be? it soon became clear to me as i noticed a lovely red banana sticker on the bottom of the envelope. letter came from mr. christopher crawcour from westcliff-on-sea, essex, a renowned english collector.

envelope included a nice letter and most importantly a package of marvelous stickers for me to choose from. i found 17 new stickers for my collection. mr. christopher thank you very very much.


california special

friends polja and miha travelled across california in july. i bet, and they said so too, they had a great time. they brought back the nicest gift for a collector like me. 18 new banana stickers! thanks a lot.

i’m not sure whether they knew they were in banana sticker paradise, hope i get there someday…

summer 2016 update

i recently discovered an error in my “chiquita minions” collection – somehow i managed to duplicate a few … now i am down to 1210 stickers overall.


anyway, derby released new “baby banana” sticker. hopefuly new “chiquita play!” set is coming out. and big thanks to friend mitja who contributed another 5 labels.

update 2016

some new stickers, it’s over 1200! thanks to dear friend krištof, polja and miha, cousin luka and everyone else for the tips.

new derby sticker

derby bananas released a new sticker. graphic remains similar to recent stickers, but the shape is new – a sort of superellipse. columbia also seems to be a novelty country to derby bananas.

i hope to see more!