new derby sticker

derby bananas released a new sticker. graphic remains similar to recent stickers, but the shape is new – a sort of superellipse. columbia also seems to be a novelty country to derby bananas.

i hope to see more!

surprise from poland

friendly mr. witold from poland contacted me. he too collected a few stickers over time and stuck them to his desk. he incidentaly found my website recently, and was so amazed about what he saw, that he decided to donate his banana stickers to my collection. 14 new amazing stickers. this is just wonderful.

thank you very much, witold.

new in november

chiquita minions keep coming and in many varieties – size, country, PLU codes…
plus another altro mercato (different font used for “bio”) and thanks again to my friend krištof for nice supreme bananas sticker.


eleven nice new stickers from a recent trade with new trade-partner kati from canada.

kati, thank you.

banana stickers 7

autumn additions

17 new recent stickers. big thanks to polja and miha for chiquita minions, my dear friend krištof surprized me with a lovely adria sticker, and a sticker i found on a trip to košice/slovakia.

special edition

my son (four) thought i needed more new stickers, so he invented and drew some lovely new labels for my collection. top left are actually some chiquitas and also a minion bottom left.

new stickers

it was about time to update my collection. here are 12 new stickers.


my friends and me found some in our local stores. friend krištof found some “dole earth” on his holiday in greece. and i collected 4 on my recent trip to rome (unfortunately chiquitas were all over the place …).


another new sticker

my friend krištof, who is to become a great collector one day, found two coop banana stickers on his family trip to italy. he kept one for himself and spared another one for me.

thank you krištof